Saturday and Sunday, September 11 & 12, 2021
Hilton Philadelphia Penn’s Landing 
201 S Christopher Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA

“We all had a wonderful time and each of us enjoyed every moment. Me and my wife want to express our heart full thanks to you and your entire wonderful team. This is one of the most successful well organized and enjoyable conventions I ever experienced. May Allah bless you all for your hard work. Thanks again”, 

Zaidur Rahman 


Parvin, you and your team did an excellent arrangement and your continuous attention to the details and all BAPA members and their families’ comfort were unparalleled! I want to especially thank Sabrina, who I shared my own tears with, for her dedication and leadership in making the event a huge success! Best wishes”, 

Murad Husain


 “Me and my wife Nuzhat had thoroughly enjoyed the days in Hilton. Your choice of the venue was masterful, if we had the endless energy we could have enjoyed every minute there. But surely we took full advantage of the scenic beauty there. The food was very good and the CE classes were not torturous. Thank you, Parvin for your time and energy and the great sacrifice you took for BAPA. Wish you good health and a good rest”,

Masudul Huq 


“Congratulations to you and your team for putting up this event in a short span of time. Felt like we met our family members after a long time. Wish it didn’t end. It was a fun-filled weekend for us. Great location, wonderful accommodation, delicious food and very comfortable rooms. You made it all happen. Thanks and best wishes for the rest of the term”,  

Leeya Kabir


“Team did a wonderful job and I really thank each and everyone of committee members for the job well done. I wish you all good health and happiness. Please keep me in your prayers”, 

Abdul Quadir Choudhury 


“Spectacular event! Team effort was excellent but special thanks to Parvin Rahman for a fantastic job and hospitality. We enjoyed it so much and had a very unique experience. Would love to attend in the future”,

Miran Noor 


“I echo all the views expressed above. This was a very very successful event. This year it presented a lot of challenges due to Covid 19. The location was really great with beautiful views. Very conveniently located close to highways. Food, rooms and other ambience was impeccable. Overall it was a very positive experience for all. It was done in such a short period. So, I congratulate you and your team for your great effort. I like Masudul Huq’s comment that “CE’s were not torturous”. Mo Taher, Mondal and Sabrina did wonderful in managing the seminar room and CE”, 

Kazi Anam


“Thanks Madam President, you and your team (other EC committee members) have done a fantastic job. Amazing venue, delicious food, after a year and half of isolation surely we were looking for something like this”,

Mir Hakim


“Dear Parvin, I  salute you for your wonderful service to BAPA as well as your silent and very talented Team.  I hope all our members will try best to participate in your proposed Charitable Trust fund. May Allah swt bless, grant you excellent health , happiness and May Allah swt fulfill your good wishes. Ameen”.  Regards,

Rafique Rahman


“Heartiest congratulations to all the Executive Committee members for holding such a wonderful but successful convention this past weekend. I admire all of your hard work and thank you all for putting your time and efforts to advance BAPA. I especially like to congratulate our President, Parvin, for her devotion and commitment to BAPA.”

Mohammed Saleh


 “Dear Parvin, Congratulations! It was a wonderful BAPA convention – the venue, scenic atmosphere, CE – organising, food, cultural programme & your attention & mindfulness to everyone was amazing! I admire you & your team for your hard work & dedication to BAPA!!!  I am inspired to attend all future conventions with similar hope! All the best!” Rehana Parvin

 “Great job BAPA team. Thanks again”, 

Aminul Islam Sahin


 “Overall, I am very happy to see BAPA prosper in so many ways under the leadership of Parvin with this wonderful team. Great efforts during this pandemic”,

Kazi Anam


“You and your team did an amazing job with this convention! It was really a prime location with great food and amenities in our ballroom area! We all had a great time! Congratulations to you on a very successful convention”,

Irene Saleh

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Saturday and Sunday, September 11 & 12, 2021
Hilton Philadelphia Penn’s Landing 
201 S Christopher Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA
Total number of credits offered for this convention:
5 CE credits