Nobody has to tell you that the pace of pharmacy change is quickening, with no slowdown in sight. We’re here to help keep you informed, enhance the quality of your professional life, and to represent your interests and those of your patients.

Your benefits include early notification and discounts for continuing education programs sponsored by the Association and access to programs offered by BAPA and other thought leaders. As a member (student members included), you can nominate a peer or mentor for a service award to be presented at the Association’s Annual Meeting and Convention.


As a member, you’ll automatically be notified by email about legislative updates, continuing education programs (with member-only discounts), specialty training and best-practice discussions, full online access of Pharmacy, access to comprehensive personal and professional insurance, discounts on student loans, an active career center and more.

But the benefits don’t stop with you. When you join BAPA, you’re helping others in your profession and the people that they serve.

Pharmacy Students – Welcome!

You’re the future of our profession, which is why BAPA created a special, reduced-rate membership plan to get you involved in Association activities and networking with your peers.

BAPA believes in preserving the past, honoring the present, and shaping the future, so we’re very pleased to be represented on campus at colleges and schools of pharmacy.